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My first car insurance was with Metlife. Due to unforseen circumstances, my policy was cancelled due to non payment.

That was definitely all on me.

The second time I needed insurance, I still opted for Metlife since they earlier Honored my foreign driving record. However, since I had a record with them, they said that it was "COMPANY POLICY" that i have to pay ONE FULL YEAR coverage. I did, on November 5,2010.

December, 2010, I got a bill, called them and was resolved. So, I was supposedly covered until November 5,2011. They cancelled my policy due to non-payment from a bill sent September, on October. I tried explaining to the agent that I paid for 1 full year since it was them who set the rules but just kept saying I only paid "PARTIALLY".

It was their policy, I obeyed, I was told the next payment was due on November,2011... Guess they can bend it any time they want :"(

Monetary Loss: $111.

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