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I can relate to all postings regarding MetLife inefficiency, rudeness, and just plain don't give a

*** about customers. The State of Florida, along with other states, had to MAKE Met Life do a cross

check to find potential heirs to policies they hold. That's when my letter arrived saying I may have

insurance proceeds from my father. MY FATHER DIED IN 1990 and my mother could certainly have used that money as she didnt pass until 2010. I thought, how nice that they would find me-that was before I found that the states insurance commissioners had required that search.

It has been nothing but the runaround for the past 3 months. As other posts have said, agents tell you

one thing and then another. I have repeatedly been advised (until today!) that I do not have to go

through the court system to receive this payment. Agents have told me so many things to do (go to law library and make copies, complete and have notarized, which I did. Waited and waited, advised up to 14 days to review. I received a letter saying "paperwork not acceptable", although I did exactly as advised. More calls, more calls, more stalling. I called the state probate court and was advised that a Letter of No Probate was the only document available that does not require going through the court system. So I pay for this document and sent to MetLife. Yep, you guessed right, examiner can't accept

and that I will have to go through court system. Folk, it requires hefty fees (and attorney) to do this and again my father has been gone since 1990.

My call today asking to move my complaint up from an examiner was met with "will call you within 24 hours-no-one available. The last time I moved my complaint up, I was advised that I would receive call within 24 to 48 hours-never happened. I had to call back after 4 days.

This is absolutely the worse customer service I have experienced. I think they are paid to hold on to money as long as possible. Oh, by the way, neither my father or mother's estate went through probate but I do have a will that shows beneciary information-but this is not good enough-won't accept.

Any more Floridians out there going through same runaround?? I would never deal with this company.

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