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metlife closed longterm,due to this i tried to kill myself i ended up in the mental hosiptal,it took metlife two months to finally approve my claim,my car was repo,didn't have any food, metlife don't care about anyone,I've still haven't gotten over,the way you treated me i wanted to die,and im sure others feel like.I beg and left numerous message i did not recieve a call,i felt so low i feel like metlife owes me for pain and and suffer,i will never trust metlife ,all the people that went thru she be paid pain suffer,metlife need to be train again

Monetary Loss: $70000.

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Manchester, England, United Kingdom #674532

It's amazing when you say you tried to kill yourself because a policy was closed. it would have been helpful if you tried to find out why your policy was closed, it could have been that you stopped paying your premiums. From what you said, your claim was approved after two months; which should be upon you sending them satisfactory evidence of your claim.

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