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My mother in law became ill and turned in her two policies to buy a burial program but she passed before the checks got here. We called and were told to return them to Rhode Island which we did immediately.

This was in March. We then proceeded to request death claim benefit (my husband the sole beneficiary) and they paid on the one policy but the policy that was used for her cremation they have still, to date, not paid. We turned the policy in thru the Crematory, and they forwarded w/death certif. to MetLife.

We have been told 7-10 days, 10-14 days, asked to fill out a death claim form, which my husband did and returned via fax (March), two weeks later they wanted him to now fill out an Affidavit form I(two pg.) plus get it notarized, which he did and we faxed back immediately, and still nothing.

We are waiting to inter my mother in law, and have a service, etc. pending payment on this policy - not to mention the Crematory has not been paid.

I have called weekly and been given every excuse under the sun, and spoke to people both in the U.S. as well as in the Phillipines etc. who answer the customer service calls but do not know what is going on let alone understand me.

I filed a complaint with the Ohio Dept. of Insurance to try and get some help, and was told that we should not have been made to fill out both of those forms, let alone have to pay to get it notarized and I faxed those documents to get it there faster, but just recently was told by MetLife Claims in Rhode Island that they (customer serv. persons) gave me wrong fax number and it was in a diff. dept.

and not where it should have gone. One of their reps actually took the time to go look for the documents we faxed and found them and was going to try and expedite (was told that before however) the claim. I asked that it be overnighted seeing as how we have waited now for 3 months for a simple death claim, and was told that he wd check but that it is not their customary thing to do, and I said that since we have paid for notary, faxing , copies, etc. and been made to wait three months I think it would behoove MetLife to do something for their customer to make up for the delay!!

We were promised we wd have the proceeds from the policy by the 30th of May...It is now the 30th and we do not.

I have been told that once they received the original checks in Rhode Island, and got proof that they had them back, that it should only have taken two weeks to a month at best. I have been told by customer service that they are extraordinarily busy right now, and I told them that is not my problem and that the Board of BrightHouse needs to do something about that and hire more people!! Another company who got a big tax break from our govt. and yet did nothing to improve the situation in their company for better service.

I would not recommend MetLife to anyone.

Poor customer service. I don't begrudge people jobs, but one of the stipulations of that job should be to speak the language or find someone who can to help if you do not know what you are talking about.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Metlife Cons: Have lousy customer service.

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I'm going through this exact same thing right now trying to collect on my mother's insurance claim. They sent me a letter in March.

I faxed everything to the fax number on the letter. Found out two weeks later that the fax number was not being used anymore so they gave me another fax number. I faxed it again. Then told instead of 10 business days that it would be 45 business days.

The "people in the back have to manually calculate it since it's an old policy". They confirmed they had all of my paperwork. I called yesterday to check on status and they told me there was a blank on one of the forms. I asked why had they not notified me?

I let them know I would fax it over immediately. I was then told my waiting period would START OVER and it would be 45-65 business MORE days! This is BEYOND UNETHICAL.

I also have a huge life insurance policy with them on myself and I shudder to think how my family will have to deal with this poor excuse of customer service once I pass. Unbelievable!