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MetLife was established in 1863 and they have trillions of dollars in assets because they steal from the consumers and take advantage like they did me.I have been on disability for about 4 years in order to maintain my life insurance with my former employer I had to do a private pay.

Very expensive and the premium rises each year for my birthday. Well they cancelled my insurance and I just got a notice. They said I had not been paying the full amount each month. I thought I was paying extra each month.

Thery managed to send me a letter to say they were cancelling but could not send a letter saying I was underpaying. Just another thiefing move to steal from the ones who can least afford it. When will the government do something about these thieves, they make their own rules and poor folk are at their mercy. I want my money back.

I know I paid well over $6,000.Who can I write to try to recover my money?

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Beirut, Beyrouth, Lebanon #1334384

I hold a Flex Metlife-Alico Plan which is cancelled from their propaganda and they are getting my real pure money when I'm Alive .

I'm worried about what they do after my death.

This company must be placed under judgment before it destroys the dignity of the USA.

Bradford, England, United Kingdom #674537

If you took out a policy that increases every year, you will be informed before the increment takes place, you probably dont check your mails.For this cause, it is better to take a policy whose premium is not linked to index abinitio.

It is natural for your policy to lapse if you miss payments so that's not news to the insurance industry.YOu can decide to re-instate it or you take out a new one with another company that you're happy with, that way you'll be insured as ever if anything happens just one month down the line, you will be entitled to a claim regardless of whether you've paid for a month, 4years or 10 years.

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada #674499

Start a phuckin class action suit against the bastards!


Even the Bureau of insurance is corrupt


:x metlife has stole my soul ..with the help of my parents ..they came to us..i can see it clearly ..i was about ten 43..we have paid ..and paid..them and they treat the clients like we are talking about someone eles.they soak us with lies no one to talk to when the answers have to settled and they will one day have to seek help from the heartless strain they bleed ...


Is this page a joke?I've written here now for the 3rd time.

Every time I get a "wrong security code" message.You just don't want to hear the truth, do you Met Life?


I worked for MetLife and while with them my rental home which I had insurance for flooded.They never paid.

I fought them till the cows came home and they will do whatever it takes to avoid paying jack on anything. I have seen their methods first hand. There are a few Financial Advisors who are good and honest with their company; but 99 percent are not.

Even after ten years with them in which I received excellent reviews, they kicked me to the curb without a single day of severance - along with many other valuable employees.Meanwhile Lisa WEber, one of their vps makes 7.2 million dollars a year per Forbes.


i too have been taken by metlife, they never sent me anything about my policy when they took it over the first part of 2010 from the hartford.they did send me a bill in july 2010 stating to pay 164.64 by july 21 to keep my policy from lapsing.

well after they cashed my check on july 20, 2010. then they sent me a letter stating my policy has lapsed and was lapsed when the bill was sent. they stated that my policy lapsed on march 31, 2010. they sure didnt have a problem taking my check on my so called lapsed account.

if you would like to talk more about this let me know and i will give you my email address and then you can email me and we can maybe chat on phone and do something about this so called metlife insurance fraud.

thank you for your time.jackie :upset


Hi, call MetLife's customer service and ask to speak with the Johnstown Complain department. ALSO call or go online to your State Insurance Department and make a formal compalaint. If may take a while, but it should get resolved.


I recently applied for 250,000 life insurance policy, and was quoted between $40-$60 which would be set once their nurse come out for a physical / urine test.

The agent called me back after the results and told me that enough nicotine (equivalent to 5 cigarettes per day) - Problem is, is that I do not smoke!

Went to my primary, and had them do a blood test to check for nicotine - the results came back NEGATIVE!

I never trusted insurance companies, but one needs insurance just in case. You just need to *** out the lessor of the thieves.

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