When the interpretation of a MetLife benefit comes into question, Metlife telephone counselor advice "is not authoritative". The plan brochure "is not authoritative".

The benefit plan "is not authoritative". Thus the interpretation of a benefit is subjective to a benefits approval board. I wrote several letters to MetLife, appealing a denial of an orthodontic benefit which they claimed was excluded. The exclusion was not clear in any material nor was it understood by the counselor.

Thus MetLife repeatedly refused my claim over a period of 11 months. I cannot in good conscious recommend MetLife Federal Dental Insurance to anyone enticed by their orthodontic benefit.

It is phoney.

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Saint Cloud, Minnesota, United States #638341

I signed up for their best most expensive dental insurance policy offered to me. After talking to my dentist I found I needed a surgical extraction for an accessed tooth.

MetLife is refusing to cover any % of a surgical extraction.

I find it ridiculous that they wil not even cover a portion of a required medical procedure that has nothing to do with cosmetic reasons. The moment I can cancel my coverage I will do so and will be looking into my own coverage from a third party company.

to Ryan Macomb, Michigan, United States #1193373

Me too. Surgical extraction not covered under premium plan. I paid more for the surgery than they did and they took a premium and didn't pay squat percentage despite preqaulification quotes from the surgeon's office.


I have lost thousands of dollars from CompBenefits because the dentists refuse to cover any benefits unless the medical carrier coordinates the benefits first. But no dentist is willing to go through this procedure. Thus it is a Catch 22 where the insurance won't work until the medical insurance goes first but where the dentist refuses to submit insurance.


I have similar experience using Humana Comp Benefits, and was looking at other plans and came accros this website. Denial of coverage that is clearly stated as covered in the brochure. We should coordinate as federal employees on a public forum website that employees can rate insurance plans to keep them honest.


I am in the middle of a similar incident with MetLife. The lousy coverage (which is so difficult to understand in the first place) has so many loopholes that it's not worth the monthly cost.

My husband had a crown and was told they would cover 35% of it, when in reality they covered much less.

The 'provisional crown' put in before the real crown and charged by the dentist was somehow a non-covered expense, though it is a normal part of the crown process. Aside from this, the customer service person was unhelpful and even rude.

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