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I am a former employee of MetLife and I must agree with some comments listed. Metlife is disorganized, they are all about numbers and production.

So believe me when I say, I understand where a lot of you are coming from. However, let's be real. An insurance company is just than an insurance company. Proof of a disability is required by all policies in order to pay a claim.

Claimants always feel they are owed something from the insurance company. First of all not everyone pays for their disability coverage some are employer paid. People need to read their plans and be more aware. IF you are adult enough to get a job and hold a job and file a claim If needed, then be adult enough to read your policy there is a wealth of information in there.

If you apply for a loan you have to show proof you have the ability to pay it back. If you apply for a credit card you have to show that you are credit worthy and guess what?, if your disabled you also have to submit medical information from all treating physicians in a timely manner and call your doctors office to make sure they are sending the info and call MetLife to make sure they are receiving it. Guess what people this is your claim.

Case Managers can have over a 100 claims per case manager. you have one claim, take some ownership people, my God!!

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My biggest complaint is that it is *** never impossible to contact them. Phones are always jammed and the system is quite a maze, emails are rejected with "not in Domino Directory" message. That tells you a lot.

Now the part about case managers having 100 claims just goes to show that MetLife is deliberately understaffed. I don't blame the case managers, I blame the corporation. But regretfully under-staffing has become the norm these days. Profit always before people.

And I don't know about your disability insurance but in my case all my employer ever gave out was about 3 paragraphs in your benefits book. It is not until you need it that you start to learn the particulars, and by then it is too late.

All in all, when I finally am able to make contact the case managers are very helpful and polite. But you have to put a vast amount of time and patience into the effort which should not be the case. I have dealt with a lot of companies in my time and Metlife has to be the worst when it comes to getting access to a live employee who can help you.


I work at LM in the STD department and it is the same thing. Everyone feels that since they pay 3.00 per week into STD and LTD that they are automatically entitled to money right away for being out of work.

If this was the case, your premiums would be closer to 300.00 per week! Paying into coverage does not mean that or are entitled to STD, but in fact that you are eligible for the coverage.

You still need to submit proof of disability within the required timeframe. And as you said in your comment, IT'S YOUR CLAIM PEOPLE, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!

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