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The customer billing dep needs to take owner ship and the lack of sending information to the customer. I will never use them again the need to go down for insurance fraud for taking money when ever they want to and then double billing I hope the company goes down ..... I used Metlife because it was a benefit it is just a nightnmare with no help and just a lies on top of lies Now I have to find another insurance company just to get away from the... Read more

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They never pay our disability checks early before a holiday this month nov.2016 we are not getting them untill 29th. Only 30 days in month they dont seem to care if your able to have money for a holiday Read more

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Metlife -    BYE BYE BASSES
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A 1951 Fender reissue and an Ernie Ball MusicMan bass were stolen from my Mom's house. MINE. I was told it's not covered. Even though I explained I am at that house on a weekly basis since 1973. Reviewing the policy, looks like Mom and Dad were scammed by Snoopy. Shame on you. This is why I read those insurance policies, warranty promises on the backs of items I spend money on. Didn't ever figure my Parents didn't skim thru their insurance... Read more

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i have long term disability provided by my employer if you are out over 90 days then you can file a claim through metlife and get 60 percent of your pay i filed my claim in august and just heard that i was denied during this time i had to keep calling over and over again asking the customer service to have someone call me back which they never did finally i filed a complaint and someone called me back stating that metlife doctor reviewed my case... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 29
  • #945881

They review my case and cut my money off stating medical reason liear MetLife

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Called today and got no satisfaction. Customer service representatives said would take 48 hours for research department to call back. (they won't) Also five to seven business days to mail response. Should be able to for answer any Customer that called at the time of call. That is my complaint. That is my complaint. That is my complaint. That is my complaint. That is my complaint. Called today and got no satisfaction. Customer service... Read more

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Metlefe will not let me have short or long term disability because of my hip replacements. They have denied me every year through my employer American Airlines. It has been since 2010 that I had my hip replacements. They discriminate because they can get away with it and nobody will do nothing against them. I really wish AA would use a different company. According to law my understanding is they can't discriminate against preexisting... Read more

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I have peripheral neuropathy which started in my feet and is now spreading to my legs and hands. My feet and legs swell horribly and the pain I'm in is almost unbearable. Tests on my feet and legs show the nerves are dying. My doctors refuse to let me return to work for obvious reasons. They had me going to physical therapy but after 20 sessions, the physical therapist ended it because I'm making no improvement. I had to fight with MetLife for... Read more

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I have been told by 2 doctors I am not able to work due to anxiety, stress, and depression. My pschyciatrist recommended that I be out of work at least 6 weeks to get myself together and even gave me numerous medications that make me sleep all day. But no, Metlife says I don't fit the description of disabled. Watch them as they are rip off artists. Have filed complaint with DOI and I hope to get paid soon. If not, I will get an attorney. My... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 07
  • #932532

Metlife is the biggest rip off company in America.. Filed short term disability with them ..been a month..still waiting to get paid.. i would advise companies as well ad individuals to avoid them at all cost.. Find another company. They work for you, yet they act as though you work for them. They have no problem with taking your money, but dont want to give whats owed

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