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They treat their employees worse that the customer. Lotsa Promises. Few Actions. In fact they are the King of *** when making commitment's to employee's. And they're Shipping and Additional 40 % of their customers calls off shore. (US job loss) The moral is so low that if it was bad that would be a step up. Snoopy is out of a job because he is to expensive. I have notice the Top exec's aren't taking any hits! Just remember, if they don't... Read more

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  • Sep 20
  • #922636

Dental insurance is very limited and poor at best. Do not purchase.

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Going on 3 weeks trying to get them to fix my car that their insurer hit. I was pulling into a parking lot as he reversed and done damage to the back end. The cop on scene said if Metlife has any questions to contact him, that it is obvious who is at fault because I had the right away. Metlife is a joke to deal with. Every person i have talked to have been VERY, VERY RUDE!!!! They also told me the cops word means nothing since he wasn't a... Read more

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My husband has cerebral palsy and vision in only one eye. When he went legally blind metlife refused to pay disability through his last sugery. When he was adjudged unable to work metlife refused to pay diability because he holds a masters degree. He cannot learn braille or effective cane training because of the neuralgia from the c.p. They told us he was employable even though employment agencies disagreed. Even metlife did not offer him... Read more

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  • Sep 12
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Though everyone has a screen in front of them no one knows what's going on car payment sent to the wrong ppl which I had to discover and notify them to stop payment. They don't care about your well being can never get my actual adjuster on the phone and I do happen to talk to them there is no resolution bc they don't seem to know anything worst service ever

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Good luck with your New York State complaint! If there is a group worse than MetLife to work with it is that review board. MetLife is just such a big and powerful company that all government officials cave in to them. Try this- check some of your state politicians donor lists. Guess what company is right there every time. I fought the MetLife battle for two years. I've written letter after letter. I think I have a very legitimate complaint, but... Read more

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Had short term disability coverage paid by my employer, administered by MetLife. I paid for Long Term Disability through MetLife as part of my company benegits package. When i went out on short term disability the claim case manager from MetLife drug his feet and (i later found out) recommended a denial. He drug it out almost 3 months. I later found out he hadnt read past the FIRST page of my medical record (over 2" thick). When i attempte... Read more

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  • Sep 06
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I am trying to access some of my own investment money and have been lied to repeatedly by annuity agents that my money is being released to my bank account. I plan to withdraw any and all investments with Metlife and I will be advising colleagues of the disingenuous interactions that I have had to endure.

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I have had chronic pain issues for years, which had me missing a lot of time at work, several times because of surgeries related to pain problems. After my last back surgery, my employer's HR department encouraged me to go on Long Term Disability, after my short term benefits would end. MetLife's people decided (without ever having their doctors see me) that I was disabled only until the end of my short term benefits, but now I should be... Read more

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Hey, guess what! If you have your vehicle insured with MetLife then you can run a red light, smash into another vehicle and not be held 100% responsible. That's right! I know because I am on the receiving end of the accident. MetLife has decided that since I didn't magically find a way to avoid colliding with their client that CONFESSED to running a red light, that I was partially to blame. So hey, if you want to have an insurance company that... Read more

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