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My husband has had a MetLife Life Insurance Policy for over 30 years. We made a premium payment on June 3, MetLife cashed the check on June 9. Our policy's status is terminated!!! I spoke to customer service, provided written documentation of the payment and was promised that the policy would be reinstated within the week. That was 6 weeks ago. After numerous phone calls to customer service, I was given promises that the case was given... Read more

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Metlife cancelled my policy in October, 2015 due to non-payment even though I made the payments (I think that I had two policies with Metlife and they didn't apply the payments correctly or at all). I didn't find this out until April, 2016 I have been trying for over 6 weeks to get this resolved. They keep saying that they will research it and call me back and then never do. The people at the customer service number can never resolve anything.... Read more

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We decided to give Metlife a try as they have a corporate deal with my husband's employer. The premium sounded a little high initially but we went with it, hoping that the customer service would make it worth our while. Unfortunately, it just got worse. It took *multiple* phone calls to someone who does not work stateside to get a change of address. They changed our auto premiums five times last month without explanation, for an over $200 total... Read more

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Absolutely HORRIBLE! I would NOT refer them to ANYONE! I have Metlife dental through my husband's job. I went to an oral surgeon, got a quote to remove my wisdom teeth (which is a common procedure). They sent the preapproval estimate to Metlife 31 days ago and they STILL have NOT processed it. Each time that I speak with a representative they say somethibg different and that they can't do anything about it! I've asked for the direct claims phone... Read more

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Hi I do quality control and quality assurance. This is for heavy construction and power/utilities infrastructure. I do the best I can to keep the public safe and I don't lie or cut corners in my inspections. This helps keep YOU the public safer from rouge construction company's and use of sub-standard materials. METLIFE is the companys short term disability ins provider. I'm now on my 5th week of temp total disability and they have not accepted... Read more

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  • May 16
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I opened a Hospital Cashback with Metlife in January 2015 and i have not recieved a single letter, email or anything from them for over a year. On the 25 April 2016 they debited twice and my refund has been pending for over three weeks now. THIS IS ***!!! My name is Lucky Adams and my email is

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I'm going through a problem where my work was not done right I've gotten a second opinion stating that there are several things that are wrong and should be changed but met life has rejected my grievance letters and complaints against the doctors who preformed my work I was lied to by one dentist whom made a mistake in pricing and I was made to pay for the mistake with subpar work and materials which is... Read more

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MetLife who is the insurance for Tufts University employees, is terrible!!! I've never encountered such ***! This huge financial company denied my homeowners policy due to the fact my shingles were not the same color (meaning it was professionally fixed) and three shingles were patched put back on the house after last year's winter storm blew them off! I had to wait a week after submitting photos of the front and the back of my roof and they... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Apr 27
  • #837498

Worst disability company EVER!!!! I HATE metlife!!! Took short term disability twice and both times it took 4-6 weeks to get paid and they ALWAYS MAKE IT DIFFICULT!!! Regardless if they have all your doctor records!! I Hate that our employer has them as our shortterm disability insurance!!!

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I have spent many, many hours of my time trying to get correct information from Metlife. They have failed to ask me for the correct information, not sending me information or following up. The last straw was a rude employee. When my husband gets home I am making sure we have no more policies with them. The irony is, I was calling to make a complaint on customer service and ended up even more upset than I was before with the way the manager... Read more

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